A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to play dodgeball with some fellow brothers and sisters in Christ (as well as some weirdos, but it wouldn’t be uplifting if I wrote about them), and it was great fun. As I had mentioned during the prayer that night, there is nothing greater than hitting people in the face with dodge balls for the glory of Christ.

You thought I was going to make a dirty joke… Heathen.

Anyways, as we were discussing the rules and guidelines to playing such a magnificent game. I had one unofficial rule that I held all my teammates by: Don’t kill the non-Christians. Now, I realize that you’re already holding a pitchfork, ready to throw me off a mountain for making an uncomfortable statement, but let me defend myself for a moment. Obviously, I don’t want anyone injured. But at the same time, to send a believer (which we will hereby refer to a believer as somebody who believes in Jesus Christ as Savior, and nothing else) to the hospital would be the preferred ideal. My reasoning? Their destination is set in stone. I’m not good at math, but if I were, the equation would look something like this:

Christian + Physical death = Life in heaven with God.

Non-Christian + Death = Making brisket with satan in hell.

I’m just assuming, since they have the climate for it.

As I was discussing this logic with a someone that I met at the game, she kindly asked how we would differentiate between believers and non-believers. As I stopped to think about her question, I realized that I didn’t exactly know how to put my answer into words. So instead of showing humility, and choosing not to answer. I made a joke about tagging the ones that we didn’t like as “hell bound.” I don’t think she appreciated it.

This leads into my point (and it only took a 307 word introduction to do it): Sometimes we like to decide who is or is not a Christian, on the basis of the personality traits that we like, and that’s a dangerous habit to have.

Ephesians 2:8-9 says: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast.”

That’s probably a familiar passage to the majority of you who are reading right now (all seven of you… Hi Mom!). But for a lot of people, it’s a difficult concept to grasp, for one reason…

It’s not about you.

Take a second and simmer on that idea. We live in a world where it is up to us to succeed in life.

I want a great job? It’s up to me to earn it.

I want a degree? It’s up to me to study hard.

I want a shiny car? It’s up to me to save up and buy it.

I don’t want healthcare? Well, too bad (political jab… hey now).

I want, I want, I want. Me me me me me me… But we’re incredibly blessed to have a God who wants us. Not because I can make a funny poop joke. Not because of your athleticism. Not because of your intelligence. But because He LOVES you. God doesn’t love me because of the things that make me me. He loves me in spite of the things that make me me… and I’m so very grateful for that, because without Christ, I am nothing. So instead of judging others on their successes or failures, love others, as Christ commanded (Luke 10:27, Galatians 5:14… Look it up).

- Take a look through your day, and find one believer to show Christ’s love to.

- Take a look through your day, and find one non-believer to show Christ’s love to. Because someone took the time to do that for me, and my life has never been the same since.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know… Post a comment.

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