Sometimes, I like to yell at other cars while I’m driving.

I realize that may seem weird to those who are reading this, mom. But for me, driving is a stress relief. Nothing helps me get out my frustrations than to roll down the windows and and just go. One time, I was so focused on just trying to relax, I didn’t realize that I was two towns over… About 60 miles away from home. Obviously, there is a more healthy way to handle your emotions than just driving around (Pray, communicate with others, watch Dr. Phil… And Laugh). I will probably have to resort to these healthy ways once gas prices go up again. Until then, I’ll just drive.

What is your method of stress-relief? Do you hit stuff? Do you play sports? Do you cry? Leave a comment, let us know.

(For those of you that feel cheated by today’s entry, ha!)

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