I am sure you have all heard your pastor make some kind of quip about how “I’ll try and hurry, I know you guys want to see the game” or “If you really love Jesus you’ll sell your TV and spend every waking moment serving in the nursery downstairs, or what we call the wild dungeon“(ok the last one may have been a minor exaggeration). At any rate at some point in our lives we have all been faced with this same dilemma (well maybe not super Christians): “Should I skip out on church to watch TV?”

This question is never raised against Sunday morning, because there aren’t any cool shows on, but that’s another topic. Anyways, the conflict arises usually when it comes to major events. Obviously the Super Bowl is a big contender. Then you have television show season finales, and so on and so forth. I mean I wanted to know what happened to the whole fun loving crew of Scrubs on their season finally (excluding the ABC season, as far as I’m concerned its dead to me). So we as Christians are hit with the inevitable dilemma. Honestly, we usually go for the multimillion dollar TV productions rather then the Sunday night service or the midweek get-togethers, or those awkward Sunday School parties your parents drag you too at someone’s house who either have children much younger then you are very much older. Can we say boredom? And the only other kid there near your age is obsessed with Japanese Samurai swords, which he informed me at the ripe age of 13 they are called Katanas. Sorry got a little heated there for a second.

But back to the main point, So many times we opt out of the church event for the main event (I know corny but I’m impressed with myself). If say we were back in the time of the VHS I can almost sympathize. If you didn’t have a preprogrammed VCR then your parents would play duck-duck-goose to see which child would stay home to hit the record button at the appointed crucial moment. Those were some dark times in the world of television. Now we have digital DVR’s and Tivo. Heck, you can pick what you want to record from your phone. I mean I am definitely impressed by that, if I could just get the stinking thing to work on my phone. Think about it though. Does it make it any different whether you’re watching the program when it airs or recorded? I know the sports argument will be brought up and someone will ruin it for you. Turn your phone off. That’s what our college minister had to do…after I told everyone to text him fake scores, but that’s beside the point. I think some times we forget that we choosing the some non consequential entertainment over the God of the Universe. Let me say it again. THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE. Not to say that God can’t be glorified through sports events or TV shows (though I doubt we give him much thought) because God will get the glory He deserves, but what does that say of us who claim to be followers of Christ. I actually know for a fact that some church volunteers and employees will set up a TV somewhere in the church during a service so they can keep an eye on the game. Is it bad to pray for their home to become infested with frogs? Well, too late… Oops.

As I type this, I’m pointing the finger at myself also. So where do our priorities lie?



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