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Authority is my biggest issue. Well, to be honest, pride is my biggest issue. Which then brings it back to my conflicts with authority. Recently, in a position of leadership I had to make a decision. The decision boiled down to me deciding whether to follow my boss, who is more then just a boss but a leader, God has put over me, or try and supersede his authority with my own, but what is really funny is how I came to my decision. I would like to say it was me seeking Divine wisdom or I searched through Scripture for God’s word in dealing with authority. Nope, I’m not that faithful. Now, before we go any further so this story doesn’t become a convoluted mess I need to apply alias’ to everyone. Hence forth I will be following the TV show NCIS formula:

I will be Special Agent Talley (I like the sound of that)

My boss will be Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

My boss’ boss (see that was confusing, now imagine me trying to tell a story that way) will be NCIS Director Leon Vance.

Now for those of you who are holier then me and don’t watch TV, NCIS is television drama based upon the Naval Criminal Investigative Services. The show follows an NCIS team, lead by Gibbs, as they go around solving murders.

Hopefully, this will make my story both interesting, and easier to follow. Plus, with this theme I get to add guns.

My decision came from the testimony of Gibbs and how he submits to Director Vance. I remembered how Vance said that even if Gibbs would disagree with something, he would still do it. Why? Because his boss was the authority that God had set over him (Not the true Gibbs, but use your imagination). So here are the basics of the story. Gibbs decided to put me in charge of an operation. Now I had the option of doing everything in house which is how NCIS had always done it, or I could try and organize a large joint agency operation which would look good on me. Gibbs wasn’t a fan of my idea, and being fairly certain it wouldn’t work, Gibbs encouraged me to rethink my approach. This operation meant a lot to NCIS and could either be a big public success for NCIS or a PR nightmare, which would fall on Gibbs if it all failed. But me being the young, handsome, suave, intelligent, up and coming, brilliant agent with some swagger (sorry got distracted) decided to push on with my brilliant plans. As the days neared, I needed the green light on the operation, but Gibbs again suggested a more simple and effective direction. This time, though, I remembered what the Director had said about Gibbs. With that in mind I decided to simplify the operation. I told Gibbs my decision, to which he said “I knew you would eventually come around” and popped me in the back of the head. Then immediately we were fired upon and a gun fight ensued.

I swear to you all that was true…well most of it…well a lot. There was definitely a gun fight, I am sure of that.

But why do we as Christians always have a hard time submitting to authority? Our Savior in the most crucial moment of history submitted to authority. Luke 22:42 “…yet not My will, but Yours be done.” Why is it so difficult for us to do that? We would rather give excuses and say “I can handle this” or “They should just trust me” or sometimes as simple as “he’s just wrong”. It comes even further then that because in the moment of defiance we aren’t just bucking whoever that authority may be, but we are also bucking God’s authority over our lives. God put those people in our lives. More specifically, God put my boss in my life. How can we as Christians submit to God’s authority in our lives, when we can not even submit to smaller authorities which He placed in our lives?