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After two years of non-existence, Sunday School Reject is coming back! Don’t think that we’re coming empty handed. Much like a fine wine, we have become much more well-rounded after two years. Some might say we’re more like bad cheese, but I would disagree.

You may have already noticed that the website looks different (For those of you who haven’t noticed, please know that I’m crying on the inside). I will be making changes as time goes on to update the look and feel. Like it? Let me know. Hate it? Please let me know.

We will be back on November 23 (Black Friday, for you Americans), and we’re bringing character building awkward stories, life-affirming realizations, and tacky jokes with us.┬áMake sure to tell your friends, post on Facebook, tweet, tattoo on your body, or anyway you can think to spread the word of our return.


We’re back, and we aren’t going anywhere.