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(As he is currently in Missouri running sound for a camp, Daniel will be out of commission for the next week. I’ve lined up a few guest bloggers, and I know that you will enjoy reading what they have to say. So make sure to keep an eye out for them in the next week.)

I’ve complained about this for years, and nobody has ever listened to me. I have asked many people who are more intelligent than me for guidance on this frustration of mine, and nobody has been able to provide the counseling and reassurance that I need. Maybe those of you who are reading this can put my mind at ease, and explain to me why this occurrence goes seemingly unnoticed.

Braille instructions on drive-thru ATM machines.

I don’t understand the concept of this! If you are blind, should you really be driving to begin with?! I mean, while the US congress and state senators all around the country have been trying to pass bills to ban texting while driving, there have apparently been a cult of underground drivers who are unable to see! I remember my mom yelling at me for driving while wearing a pirate eye-patch once, yet Ray Charles can hop in his Toyota Camry, and withdraw money from the bank… I just don’t understand it

I don’t feel like this is something we can just bat our eyes at (No pun intended… Yeah, it was intended) and avoid. We should call our congressman, we should riot on the streets, and we should knock down doors to end this horrendous travesty. But when we try to take the same idea in our Christian walk, we should just change the subject… Because it isn’t really that big of a deal.

I know that this was a horrible transition to the semi-spiritual topic for today, and I realize that this may seem like a bit of a stretch. But take a moment with me, and simmer on this concept: As a believer (in Jesus), we’re constantly bombarded with “blind driver” situations in our lives. But instead of taking measures to prevent ourselves from taking over, we put up metaphorical braille signs to make everything okay. Just like the audio aid at the ATM, we make it easier (read: acceptable), to be engrossed in sin.

We sit and settle with our bad boy/girlfriends, because we know that we can make them into something better.

We continue to get drunk, because it’s easier to escape from reality.

We speak poorly about people behind their backs. But it’s okay, they’ll never know what we said.

We purposely choose to ignore God’s will for our lives, because we’ve got braille, that is, we decide that we’re doing good enough on our own. Unfortunately, this is a habit that will hinder, if not eliminate, spiritual growth in our lives.

For God did not call us to be impure, but to live a holy life. Therefore, he who rejects this instruction does not reject man but God, who gives you his Holy Spirit.” – 1 Thessalonians 4:7-8

There is no easy button to Christianity. There are no cheat codes or shortcuts. So we need to stop acting like it. Because while we are sidestepping Christ, we are actually working to prevent Him from blessing us.

Stop driving blind. Open up your eyes (one last pun), and take a look at the sin that’s around you. Don’t allow yourself the opportunity to hide from it. Because you will be found.