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I’ve worked at the same job three years now. I work at a college textbook store, and I work in the book department.

There are days when I want to tell customers they are dead wrong and to shut up. Anyone who has worked in sales knows exactly what I am talking about. I’ve been cussed out, yelled at, insulted, and just been treated in the most disrespectful ways.

And all I want to do is punch them in the face. I mean I think a customer would think twice if there was the threat of me dropping some WWE moves on them to convince them “that the price is right Bob!” (Oh Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with a little Adam Sandler mixed in). I mean every time a customer said: “What the price of the book?” I would grab my microphone (which, according to WWE, we all as humans were born with a microphone and a PA system) and begin to declare to the world how my books are the greatest and I am the all time champion of the textbook world… Okay, time to focus.

Anyways, one time I was helping a customer and her mother, who was buying a history book. I had just written a book review for a class on the very book she needed for her class, so I was making small talk about the book  (which was about Andrew Jackson). The mother informed me Mr. Jackson was the general who was buried one place and his arm was buried elsewhere. I politely reminded her that was Stonewall Jackson she was thinking of. Her reply: “Well, you just don’t know your history very well.”

I think that sometimes, we as Christians say something to the same effect to God. God didn’t just read The Book, He didn’t just write a book review on it, God wrote The Book. Yet we say to God: “Well, you just don’t know the Bible very well.”

It reminds me of the Pharisees and the Sadducees and how they had so many rules to follow. To them Christ who stood in front of them, they looked Him in the face, was not their idea of how it was supposed to work.  We try and tell God it is supposed to work.

I have customers tell me all the time that I’m wrong about a book. In fact, yesterday a customer bought a book, and then came in later that day and told me I had sold them the wrong book. I explained to them the book they thought they needed won’t even be here until the fall. They returned the book and went elsewhere. Then about ten minutes to close the customer called me and said I was right and she was on her way to buy the book again.

We try and tell God what is right and how things are supposed to be and what we “really need”. How absolutely crazy that is to think about. We humans trying to give God the how too on life, He created us. We are fragile, imperfect, finite human beings who are trying to tell the infinite, unstoppable, perfect God of the universe how to run the show.

Here is how it goes in my head:

“Hey God”

“Hello Daniel, would you like to talk?”

“Well yeah, here is the deal Big Man, this whole deal right here in my life. Well I think its kind’ve whack, and we need to come together and talk this out.” (Also, I use 90’s style lingo when talking to God)

“Okay, what are you wondering?”

“Simple, here it is like butter. I want this deal, and I know what I need, I mean I know myself right? Well here is what I’m thinking. You know that verse “ask and it will be given to you…”? I get what I want and You get to follow Your rules. Sounds like a win to me”

“Well Daniel that’s not exactly what I meant when I said that. You see when you follow after me My desires become your true desires and out of the true desires of your heart you ask. See what I’m saying?”

“Right, right I got it but listen this new Super Soaker with the backpack that holds 5 gallons of water is pretty awesome. I can annihilate the kids on the block with watery greatness then as I console them in their defeat tell them how awesome You are.”

“I don’t think so Daniel, that’s not how our relationship works.”

“I think You are the one who is confused”

(Joab, one of David’s mighty men, appears and pulls a Chuck Norris on me)

So many times we think we know what is best for us, but God knows us better then we will ever know ourselves. So don’t think you know what is right and you need. Trust God, He’s got you. He gave us His Son to save us, and His Word to guide us. Seek after His desires.