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10 bucks a month for a hosting account, is cheaper than 250 bucks a month for therapy.” – Sean Henry

It’s this, or an alcohol addiction.” – Daniel Talley

Please note, that this is a joint article, welcoming you to our blog. It’s only fair that we introduce you to the concept, by explaining why we would take on such a remedial endeavor. Let this be a hint of what is to come. Enjoy:

Sean: I have a theory: Christians would be funnier, if other Christians allowed them to be. I mean, honestly, sometimes, as Christians, we suck. We come up with a hilarious quip to what the pastor says, and because the congregation feels the need to define holiness, we get placed at the bottom of the monkey barrel. Condemned to a life of being on a prayer list, that nobody really worries about.

Daniel: Our goal in making this website is to add some humor to the everyday Christian life, and in the process encourage and challenge both our fellow Christians and ourselves. Really think about it though, life in general is funny and some times the way God moves in our lives, well it should be turned into a low budget TV sitcom that gets canceled after one season.

Sean: But allow us to be abundantly clear when we say that we don’t like any of you. ANY OF YOU.

Daniel: Whoa slow down there sparky, we like them when they give us shiny things and bouncy balls. I love bouncy balls. O…well, yeah back to why we did this. Sean and I find humor and satire in the struggles of what God is teaching us in our lives, so instead of spending hours lining up stuffed animals and homeless people to tell our stories to we have decided to share them with you (please I’m begging you, BEGGING YOU to read our articles).

Sean: Wow… That was desperate.

Anyways, sometimes I like to imagine that Christ laughs at the mistakes we make while serving Him. You cuss at the person that cuts you off, after church? Hilarious (Sorry, pastor). Watch a program about starving children, and then order pizza? Mildly humorous. Actually think that “Touched by an Angel” is a wholesome TV show? That’s not funny at all. Please close your browser window.

(Insert close to inappropriate Joel Olsteen joke here)

Daniel: and then I found five dollars. THE END.

Look forward to a new article tomorrow morning. Here is our schedule for posting:

Monday: Sean

Tuesday: Daniel

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Saturday: Daniel

Sunday: Cry