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(I’m currently writing a respectful complaint letter to Mardel Bookstore. Be looking for that in the next week or so, as there is no way I could ever not post it for the whole world, I mean, my mom, to see.)

Movies and prime time television are often sticky issues for Christians. I could easily write an article posing the question: Are Christians allowed to see rated R movies? (My rule: Watch it if it’s bloody, not if it’s naughty) I’m not doing that today, but it proves the point that people are very opinionated about what they watch. So, today, I’d like to discuss one personality trait of humans that we all like to ignore in movies and television:

We always want the bad guys to die. Always.

You may be sitting here with your Bible in hand, ready to prove me wrong. But if we all take a moment and look within the deep pits of our hearts, we’ll realize that we LOVE it when the bad guys get hurt or killed.

I’m a big fan of the TV show “24.” I think I might have a man crush on Jack Bauer (Which will probably end up being a blog entry in later days). So when the series ended last Monday, I was devastated… Not only because of the show ending, but for one reason…

(Spoiler… Oh my gosh):

Ex-President Logan didn’t die.

Let me explain part of the story for those of you who’ve never seen it. Logan was essentially the Jimmy Carter of their fictional world. He was a bad president in his tenure, and was actually responsible for the deaths of many Americans, including another fictional ex-president before him in the show. This season, he killed his personal assistant, was responsible for a uranium bomb almost being detonated, the death of Bauer’s girlfriend, as well as numerous other people… And he was a weasel.

So from the moment they re-introduced his character on the show: I started crossing my fingers. Religiously (Uh-oh) I watched the show, because I hoped that he would meet his demise, and that justice would be served. So when I watched the series finale on Monday, I was ready for it. I sat, I fidgeted a little bit, and I paced (Not really, but I have to keep your attention). Then, with fifteen minutes left to spare, something unexpected happened.

He shot himself, and he lived.

I had patiently waited 8 episodes for something gross to happen to him. Instead he was expected to live with possible brain damage (Probably the equivalent of watching an episode of Jersey Shore). I was livid. I felt cheated, and honestly, I was left unsatisfied.

I highly doubt you’re Jack Bauer. With that idea in mind, not everyone has ideas of killing people. But there are other forms of retribution. Some good, and some not-so-good, and some that we commit towards others everyday, even if we are unaware of it. Take a look at this verse with me:

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, ‘VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,’ says the Lord.” - Romans 12:19

Today, much like the finale of LOST (Seriously, did I just name drop both popular shows in the article… Oh snap), I’m leaving this open-ended, with questions instead of answers.

- What does vengeance mean to you?

- Why is it hard to let God take care of our problems, rather than trying to do it ourselves?

Leave a comment (on the fancy new comment system that we installed), and let us know.