So originally I was going to talk about some days we are just too busy, and supplement that with Psalm 46, focusing on verse 10. Then…well I got to busy. I know it kind of defeats the purpose. I mean when you start relegating your time with your grandmother things are starting to get serious. I mean I could lose Mac n’ Cheese Casserole privileges. That would be the end of all things holy. In the end though God decided too tap me on the shoulder and say “My man Daniel, yo listen up to me you want to talk about stopping and listening to Me, well stop and listen to this.” So I came to this, we are forgiven and imperfect. I know that doesn’t seem like a big revelation, but trust me it is the major. THE MAJOR ONE. This past weekend God punched me in the gut to remind me of that, and then this morning He brought home again. We humans, creations, beloved ones of God are imperfect and He would not expect or want anything more. That is the point of the whole thing. I am broken and imperfect, and He saved me. When I wanted to get into a fight with the leaf blower guy how so colorfully explained to me how I should cease and desist, and to volunteer remove myself from the yard, He died for that (Ok maybe it wasn’t just the fact of me getting angry maybe it was when I imagined throwing his leaf blower in the street and jumping on it….anyways). We are screwed up and messed up and He died and loves us for that. Sometimes that is hard for us to swallow, it is for me. I can honestly say I get angry sometimes at the thought. How could He love so much? How could He care so much? I mean this is nothing light, He died for me. He died. For all of us. That is almost a painful thing to take. But He gives it freely and expects…well everything. How small that is though compared to what He gave for us. He took our punishment. He took it all. So what must we do? Simple, accept Him, accept His grace. Colossians 2:6-8 says “ 6So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, 7rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.  8See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. Don’t get caught up on leaf blowers and your sin. Focus on Him and find your strength and forgiveness through Him. Accept it. Accept that He loves you and died for you and sometimes, a lot of times it just doesn’t make sense. In all that we realize that we need Him. So in your anguish accept it. You can’t be perfect and He doesn’t expect you to be, and trust me it can’t be done. You fail every time. I fail every time.